Dog Bite

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Dog Bite

While not all Dog Bite injuries are the same, each dog bite victim needs help with their medical bills, determining if the dog owner has insurance or if anyone else might be responsible.  Under Florida Statute 767.04, certain dog bites make the dog owner strictly liable for the bite.  Our attorneys also know how to uncover other parties, such as a Homeowner’s Associations and building owners that might be liable under other forms of negligence.

What should I do if myself or a loved one if bitten by a dog?

What should I do if I am involved in a Trucking Accident:

Follow the 3 C's

  • CALL 911:

    Get help and make sure you seek immediate medical attention

  • COLLECT Evidence:

    Take photos of the dog, any warning signs, or leashes..

    Get contact information for any witnesses who saw the encounter.

  • CALL Atlantic Injury Law: